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 Do you have birds flying into your windows?

You can save those birds today!

You can make them yourself or order them for a small price.

If you have found this page, you already know that you have a problem, you want to open the shades, but when you do, birds fly into the windows and parish.   After years of failed attempts, I figured out a way to stop this madness, and you can make these yourself.  (or if you do not want to make them, I do sell them from time to time at a nominal price)  These decals will help prevent bird strikes while still letting you have a beautiful view and unblocked sunshine - they are invisible during the day, from the inside! The picture below shows how they look from the outside.    




The problem is, if you don't have enough decals, no decal will work.   Bird experts say, your deterrent needs to be spaced 2 to 4 inches apart, but I have found  up to 10 inches is usually fine. Regardless, you need decals that are small, unobtrusive, and that do not look ridiculous on the outside of the window.  You can make them yourself, as small as you want.  I make them about 1 inch so that they are not a hassle to apply, and yet small enough to look pretty.


You can make these decals yourself or for your friends !

 Simply purchase some clear iridescent wrap from a craft store, and some non-permanent adhesive. 

Cut out the small 1 inch shapes you want and add dots of the glue. When dry, apply.

You do not want to cover the decal with glue as this will make it not shine right.


Effective placed on the inside or outside of the glass!

 Many decals on the market have to be put on the outside of the window, which could be a problem if you are not on the ground floor.

Affix non-permanent adhesive dot side of decals to the inside or outside of the windows, scattered 3 to 12 inches apart.

You might want to cluster closer for high impact windows. 


My Worry Wart Warnings and Precautions
> Not tested or approved for use on tinted or filmed surfaces, so use at own risk on these surfaces. I have done some testing on my cars tinted windows and have had no problems, and the decals have been there for a year.

> Possible choking or ingestion hazard. Keep away from small children, babies and pets. This is true for anything tiny. If you have a toddler or a pet that likes to eat weird stuff, put the decals on the outside, out of reach.

> To avoid possible fire danger, keep away from flames and electrical heat sources, including electronic equipment and light bulbs. Items with electrostatic properties are especially attracted to heat.  I notice when I am working with the cellophane, it is attracted to light bulbs and such.


I wanted everyone to know how they can stop the bird collisions for very little money. 
These decals can help save the lives of wild birds and protect glass windows from breakage and/or strike debris.
I will post some on Etsy from time to time, or you can message me at my etsy link below if you want me to post some or if you want to find out more information about making them. 

 Handcrafted in the USA